Therapy for Children

Is your child ready to overcome communication hurdles? Our therapists use cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques to create personalised programmes for them. Let’s work together to achieve your child’s communication goals. Start your child’s journey towards confident expression with us today!

Therapy for Adults

Are you an adult seeking to conquer communication barriers? Our seasoned therapists use innovative, research-backed methods to develop personalised programmes for you. Together, let’s reach your communication ambitions. Start your journey towards articulate self-expression with us today!

Commissioned Services

Seeking to elevate communication within your school or healthcare institution? Our expert therapists at Unlocking Language are here to help. We offer tailored, research-backed speech and language therapy services for your specific needs. Let’s work together to unlock potential and bolster articulate expression.


Our Founder and CEO

Hello, I’m Shermeena, the founder and consultant speech and language therapist at Unlocking Language. With almost two decades of experience, I’ve been able to help children, adolescents, and adults communicate with confidence. My practice, enriched by a special interest in neurology, rehabilitation, and social-communication challenges, aims to make a positive impact.

Unlocking Language goes beyond therapy; it’s a platform where individuals, schools, nurseries, and healthcare institutions can grow and flourish. Our clinics in Canary Wharf and Romford welcome you, and our tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs.

Whether you’re in a private home, school, rehabilitation unit, nursing home, or hospital, we’re devoted to supporting your journey. ‘Unlocking Language’ isn’t just our name; it’s our dedication. Together, we can make it a reality. #BeTheChange

Our Values


The pursuit of excellence is at the core of everything we do. Our innovative approach uses effective evidence-based techniques to realise your communication potential.


You’re not alone. Together with you and your loved ones, we will find the keys to unlock language and communicate your confidence to the world.


Everyone is different; every challenge, unique. We will take you as you are and discover the way that works best for you. Together, we’ll help you find your voice.


Everyone has a role in helping people communicate with confidence. That’s why we work to raise awareness among the wider community and give them the skills to identify and support everyone who’s struggling to make themselves heard.

How we help

Children’s Services

Communication challenges can lead to complications in life’s later stages. But with early intervention, we can break these barriers. At Unlocking Language, every child’s uniqueness shines. Collaborating with parents and educators, we tailor strategies for your child’s bright future.

Children with Complex Needs and Autism

Diagnosing children with complex needs and autism, we provide tailored support essential for their journey towards confident communication.

Paediatric Swallowing difficulties (Dysphagia)

Numerous communication issues arise from childhood eating and drinking challenges. Within our team, we have dysphagia specialists adept at pinpointing and addressing these intricate conditions.

SLCN (children without EHCPs)

Unlocking Language is dedicated to supporting children’s communication development, regardless of whether they have an educational health care plan. With bespoke approaches and expertise, we understand and address each child’s unique speech and language communication needs (SLCN).

How we help

Adult Services

Unlocking Language offers a broad spectrum of research-backed therapies for adults facing speech, language, voice, communication, and swallowing challenges. Our primary adult services target the conditions listed below.


Neurological and oncological conditions frequently underpin communication challenges. Collaborating with your healthcare team, we craft personalised, all-encompassing therapy plans to restore your confident communication.


Numerous speech issues arise from swallowing challenges, often linked to neurological conditions, oncology, mental health disorders, oral & facial surgeries, and dementia.

Communication Skills

At Unlocking Language, we empower adults to express themselves clearly and engage with confidence. Through our bespoke interventions, we elevate communication in all facets of life, from personal to professional.

Voice Disorders

At Unlocking Language, we specialise in addressing dysphonia, offering expert interventions to manage disruptions in vocal sound production caused by impaired vocal organs.

How we help

Commissioned Services

At Unlocking Language, we provide evidence-based speech therapy services tailored for schools, NHS Trusts, medico-legal entities, and the corporate sector. Drawing on our deep understanding of each domain’s specific needs, we simplify the integration of optimal therapy solutions. Our goal is seamless service and enhanced communication across all platforms.

Commissioners (NHS and ICBs)

We offer NHS commissioners and Integrated Care Boards tailored speech therapy services that align seamlessly with healthcare objectives. Our expertise ensures quality care, delivering effective communication solutions that resonate with NHS standards and patient needs.


We have worked with individuals within large corporations to overcome their personal communication challenges. Through tailored interventions and support, we empower these employees to communicate confidently, ensuring their voices are heard and valued in the broader organisation.

Medico Legal

Unlocking Language offers top-tier medico-legal services tailored for case managers, solicitors, and personal injury cases. Our expertise extends to expert witness services, tribunals, and intermediary services.


We assist schools by implementing both universal and targeted speech therapy strategies, ensuring all students benefit from foundational communication support while addressing specific needs of those requiring intensive intervention. This dual approach guarantees a broad-reaching impact while still catering to individual student challenges.


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