Unlocking Language provides private/independent speech and language therapy services at private hospitals, neurological rehabilitation units, neuropsychiatric units, secure units, prisons, nursing homes, care homes and day centres.

We provide comprehensive assessments with reports and use evidence-based therapy to manage communication and swallowing disorders. We work with adults with a range of developmental or acquired disorders such as dysarthria, aphasia, cognitive-communication difficulties and many more. We provide individual therapy and also set up group therapy such as cognitive-communication groups, articulation groups, budgeting groups and many more.

We use a total communication approach with a focus on empowerment and functional therapy. We work closely with the multidisciplinary team to have positive, meaningful and optimal outcomes. We specialize in AAC (alternative augmentative communication) and work with communication aid specialists to ensure clients have a meaningful method to communicate.

Unlocking Language provides a unique service for clients with tracheostomies and ventilators. We work closely with physiotherapists and have developed our own successful weaning program. We use evidence based swallow rehabilitation and voice exercises.

Unlocking Language is the leading company for dysphagia training. The director Shermeena Rabbi, is a medico-legal expert in this field and ensures it fits in with CQC’s criteria of providing staff with the right skill mix to manage dysphagia (2013). We provide a two prong approach to the training:

  • General Dysphagia training for healthcare Staff
  • Competency Based Dysphagia training program for nurses leading to a Dysphagia link nurse qualification

The training is theoretical and practical leaving your staff feeling competent with supporting and feeding clients with dysphagia.
We can also support you in developing dysphagia policies for your setting, highlighting a clear dysphagia pathway and ways to minimize the risk of aspiration.

Please fill out the form below if you would like our online induction pack to what we offer healthcare settings. We can also come and meet with you to discuss your service needs (this is free and non obligatory).

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