Unlocking Language provides independent speech and language therapy services to both adults and children including adolescents.

Our speech and language therapists are experienced and trained in a variety of evidence based approaches and undergo specialist postgraduate training. They undergo enhanced DBS clearance and are members of both the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Our clinics are in Victoria Docks, East London and Harley Street, Central London but we provide a service all over London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. We also have a service in Exeter (Devon, Plymouth and Cornwall).

Shermeena Rabbi, Director of Unlocking Language:

Shermeena Rabbi
“I started this service in response to adult clients and parents approaching me for a second opinion or therapy. Unfortunately the NHS has undergone significant speech and language therapy cuts resulting in long waiting lists, short therapy blocks and often not even face to face therapy with children. There is also a gap in the service for adolescents with SLCN who are left to transit into the adult world without support. Our service offers an alternative to this – no waiting times, person-centered goals and individually tailored therapy with close multidisciplinary working.”

Shermeena works with children, adolescents and adults. She has a portfolio of exclusive clients, which includes royalty, corporates and diplomats. She is a medico-legal expert in the field of adult acquired communication and swallowing disorders. She also treats paediatric developmental language delay and language delays in toddlers. She has a specific interest in working with adult clients with voice and speech disorders.
Her experience comes from working at excellent institutes such as the Wellington Hospital, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Globe Academy, Stanmore Spinal Injury Unit and the Afasic Charity. She was involved in the first ever set-up of a youth project for young people with SLCN and ran this youth provision for almost 10 years. She has written papers and presented at conferences focusing on developing the social and functional skills of young people with social-communication disorders.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Bengali

The Story of Unlocking Language

Shermeena graduated from De Montford University with a BSc in Speech & Language Therapy in 2004. She has since worked at various organisations in the NHS, private and charity sectors. Shermeena worked her way up to Managerial level in 2013 when she decided to take on some private work. This was due to the NHS undergoing significant speech and language therapy budget cuts and service re-design which meant longer waiting lists, a consultancy approach with less direct work with clients and their families.

Shermeena’s practice grew within her first year of business and in September 2013 requiring full time attention. By 2014, Unlocking language had gained a strong reputation for delivery and to keep up with the demand, Shermeena employed her first speech and language therapist. Unlocking Language currently has twenty-three speech & language therapists supported by an administrative team with the head office in Canary Wharf, London. Shermeena’s dedication to learning, education and her profession has resulted in her practice offering speech and language therapist student placements and an internship programme for aspiring speech and language therapists.

The fuel for her practice has been her genuine passion for the power of communication and the empowering of a person who has speech, language and communication needs. Her team are dedicated to providing thoughtful, personalised and evidence-based treatment, in a holistic, fun and functional environment. A key component of the practice is ongoing collaboration with families, teachers and multi-agencies. She believes in developing innovative, result-driven approaches in order to provide truly holistic and client focused therapy. Shermeena’s team have extensive knowledge and experience around bi and multilingualism and how this impacts language development both in the paediatric and adult population.

Madeleine Swan

Madeleine Swan

Madeleine’s approach to working with children and teenagers is creative, motivating and fun. She uses a range of evidence-based approaches to deliver mainstream school services.  Madeleine specialises in ASD and uses a variety of techniques to facilitate communication. She also specialises in stammering for children aged 2 – 11 years using PCI and Michael Palin techniques.


Sana Mahmood

Sana has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and completed her MSc in Speech and Language Sciences at University College London. She currently works with an adult caseload with a range of speech and language therapy needs. This includes assessment and management of swallowing disorders and communication needs in an outpatient clinic setting, brain injury unit and mental health hospital. Her current specialisms include acquired brain injury and stammering. She uses a client centered approach with goal setting and works closely with families and staff. Sana ensures her therapy is functional, meaningful and empowering.
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Urdu

Meera Mehta

Meera Mehta

Meera provides services to mainstream primary schools that are both adaptive and target driven.  She also specialises in severe special needs such as brain injury, cerebal palsy and autism using a holistic approach to focus on total communication. Meera is organised and emphasises the impact and importance of successful and meaningful communication.  Her enthusiastic personality shines through her therapy, keeping clients motivated and engaged.
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili


Emma Corrigan

Emma Corrigan

Emma is a resourceful and energetic speech therapist. She provides a mainstream service to primary and secondary schools.  Emma runs social skill groups and focuses on interlinking speech therapy in secondary school teaching. Her initial degree in Psychology is the backdrop to her developing programmes for adolescents with BESD and social-communication disorders.


Abeer Essa

Abeer Essa

Abeer is a passionate and enthusiastic speech and language therapist, who loves helping children develop their language and communication skills. She provides mainstream services to primary and secondary schools and  her main speciality is Dyslexia (Specific Learning Difficulties), where she diagnoses, assesses, and provides therapy. Abeer also specialises in Autism and complex special needs, combining her speech and language background with a variety of sensory techniques and activities.
Languages Spoken: Arabic

Lydia Chong

Lydia Chong

Lydia is an organised and enthusiastic therapist. She works with primary school aged children in mainstream schools and also adults with disability. Lydia focuses on delivering therapy which is fun and functional to clients. She believes in empowering individuals and maximising their potential. Lydia specialises in working with individuals with ASD and uses techniques such as PECS and Makaton.
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay


Jaya Simpson

Jaya is a committed and outgoing therapist who works hard to ensure that her clients can develop the communication skills to be outgoing too. She takes a holistic approach to therapy, ensuring that everyone who supports or teaches her clients has the skills to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. Since obtaining a degree from the University of Sheffield she has made sure to keep up to date with the latest research and combines evidence based practice, child and family preference and professional judgement to provide therapy that is tailored to each individual child. Jaya works with children with developmental language disorder, autism, learning disabilities and brain injury, and has an interest in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).


Anette Szulc

Anette completed her MSc in Speech and Language Sciences at University College London. She is an enthusiastic and approachable therapist who currently provides services to both children and adults. This includes working with children with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs at primary schools, and adults with swallowing and communication difficulties. Anette aims to provide therapy that is both client-centered and functional in order to empower clients.


Jonny Turgel

Jonny qualified from UCL where he was awarded an MSc in Speech and Language Sciences with distinction and was the recipient of the UCL Clinical Practice Prize for Excellence. He has a special interest in the field of voice therapy and is passionate about treating adults and children with a range of voice difficulties. Jonny regularly attends further training courses in the field of voice therapy to ensure he is using the latest evidence based techniques with his clients. He is also a professionally trained singer and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Cantors. Jonny brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his background in the singing voice into his work as a voice therapist.

Laura Thorn

Laura has an undergraduate degree in English Language and Linguistics and has completed her MSc in Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Essex. She has also completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education and has worked previously as a mainstream primary school teacher. She currently works with a paediatric caseload in mainstream schools across Essex assessing children, providing child-centred therapy interventions and runs monthly advisory speech and language drop-in clinics. Laura uses her working knowledge of education to ensure she provides accessible and functional therapy interventions.

Megan Armstrong

Megan has worked as a speech and language therapist for almost a decade, with her main interests being Autism and special needs, social emotional mental health, early years and young adults. Hailing from South Africa, Megan has worked in an array of settings, including hospitals, community, clinics and schools (mainstream & SEN) giving her a wide range of experience within different settings & boroughs throughout the Greater London area. Megan is currently the Clinical Lead of the SEN schools team in the Southwark borough.

Sarita Austin

Dr. Sarita Austin has worked for over two decades with children with autism spectrum disorder in various roles including paediatric speech and language therapist, autism researcher, supervisor, speech and language services manager, university instructor, and workshop facilitator. Described as “energetic,” “enthusiastic,” “knowledgable,” “organized,” and “inspiring” by parents and colleagues, Sarita uses her professional experience, life experience from traveling the world, plus her training in theatre to make her therapy, diagnostic assessments, and parent and educator trainings engaging and beneficial. Sarita’s doctoral research focused on language use in children with autism and she is a contributor to The Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is also credentialed as a speech-language pathologist in the United States.

Saoirse Lane

Saoirse studied at Newcastle University and graduated with a degree in Speech and Language Sciences. She is a therapist who works in a combination of mainstream schools and schools with children who have specialist needs such as Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Saoirse uses her learnt skills to assess, diagnose and carry out therapy that is suited to the needs of the client.

Sarah Olulode

Sarah currently provides services to primary school aged children in resource bases and special schools. She is currently developing a special interest in language and cognition in hearing impairment and deafness. Sarah has experience working with children and young adults living with Autism, hearing impairment, social communication difficulties, intellectual disability and challenging behaviour. She enjoys working closely with the students, teachers, LSA’s and other professionals to improve speech, language and communication development by increasing participation and engagement and expanding functional language. Sarah also has experience using high and low tech AAC such as PECS, Sign Along, British Sign Language and voice output apps such as ProLoQuo To Go and LAMP to support communication development.

Molly Mulvaney

Molly is a dedicated and creative therapist who graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Speech and Language Sciences. Her work focuses around assessing, diagnosing and providing intervention to those with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs although she has a specific interest in Developmental Language Disorder.

Priyanka Bouri

Priyanka completed her postgraduate diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at City, University of London. She is a dedicated and approachable therapist who is passionate about working with both children and adults. Priyanka currently provides services to primary school aged children in mainstream and special schools. She enjoys providing therapy that is motivating and exciting for children. She works collaboratively with parents and teachers during the assessment and intervention process to gain a holistic view of her clients and to set meaningful person-centred goals.

Zahra Sheikh

Zahra is an enthusiastic and passionate speech and language therapist. After completing her undergraduate degree in speech and language therapy, she developed a passion for Autism Spectrum Disorders and pursued an MSc in Autism at the University of Strathclyde. She currently provides services to children in mainstream primary schools and children with Autism spectrum disorders in resource bases. She is committed to providing a holistic approach to therapy and maximising the potential of every child.

Priscilla Bailey

Priscilla is a passionate and enthusiastic speech and language therapist. She currently works with an adult caseload with a range of speech and language therapy needs. This includes assessment and management of swallowing disorders and communication needs in a brain injury unit. Her current specialisms include acquired and traumatic brain injuries. She uses a person centred approach with goal setting and works collaboratively with staff and families. Priscilla ensures that her therapy is functional, meaningful and empowering.

Fatema Mawji

Fatema works with primary and secondary school aged children in mainstream schools. She has a special interest in working with people with complex needs and global developmental delays. Fatema has a broad range of experience working with adults and children with Autism, down syndrome, social communication and emotional regulation difficulties, challenging behaviour and speech or language disorders. She works closely with students, teachers, teaching assistants and as part of a multi-disciplinary team to provide intervention and support to school aged children. She enjoys working to improve speech, language and communication development.

Sarah Watkins-Baker

Sarah graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a distinction in a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology. Her experience comes from multiple settings, in both private and government sectors which include hospitals, schools and clinics, working with both adults and children with a range of speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties and disorders. She is a dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic therapist who aims to empower not only her clients but also their families and caregivers. She aims to adopt a holistic approach to therapy and to provide therapy that is specific to a client’s needs. Sarah has developed a special interest in Autism, as well as dysphagia.